Why Specify Biman?

Biman Actuators are used throughout the Mining Industry and have served this industry for more than 25 years. The Biman range is available in sizes from 80mm to 551mm in diameter and in varying stroke lengths.

The design incorporates either a Spring Return or Double Acting configuration for
Modulating or On/Off applications.

Corrosion Proof
All Biman actuators have a composite epoxy filament wound barrel which is not only
corrosion proof, but has an ultra smooth interior surface for interference free travel and
minimum friction. The mild steel components are electro galvanized and passivated
with a minimum coating thickness of 25 microns.

The piston is PTFE guided for friction free travel. Piston and shaft seals are easily
replaced with Repair Kits which are available Ex Stock.

Piston Shafts
Piston Shafts are manufactured from 304 stainless steel and when required protected with a PVC Boot.

Extended sleeve nuts are provided to release spring tension when stripping the actuator.

The actuators are suitable for all types of linear valves and the stroke of each actuator is sized to the exact stroke required by the application. Typically the stroke may vary from 6 - 1000 mm’s. A Biman Scotch Yoke adapter is available for use with ¼ turn valves to provide up to 2000 Nm of torque at 900.

Modular, Bolt-On Concept
The modular design of the actuator allows for easy fitment of various options such as Manual Override and Stroke Limiters. In most instances such options may be easily retro fitted without removing the valve or actuator. Positioners, Proximity Switches and Limit Switches can be fitted to suit the client’s requirements.