Why Specify Gonec?

Why Specify Gonec High Performance Butterfly Valves?

The Gonec design utilises a circumferential and uninterrupted adjustable seat. This feature and the single offset design, which takes the disc out of the sealing plane, ensure bubble tight shut off even in the harshest operating environment.

Seat in Body Design
Gonec is a seal in body design combined with replaceable s/steel disc edge to ensure no nodular growth in the seating area as the disc sealing area is corrosive resistant and constantly in the fluid flow path. In addition, high velocity in the final approach to the closing position, and the specific profile of the seating area ensures that any particles are flushed from the seat thereby preventing seal ballooning and/or blowouts

Self Lubricating Bearings
The bearings of the Gonec design is liberally sized and is chemically inert and self lubricating, thereby preventing galvanic corrosion in addition to lowering the valve's torque and coefficient of operation.

Shaft Connections
The shaft and disc are connected together by generously sized pins, designed to transmit torques required and stresses imposed under severe operating conditions.

Flow Through Area
The streamlined hydrofoil design, provides a very low pressure drop in the fully open position.

High Working Pressure
Gonec valves are available as standard for working pressures from PN10 to PN40.

Gonec economically offers the highest quality construction and materials available in a butterfly valve for water applications. Stringent manufacturing and test procedures are maintained to ensure the best possible service and reliability is given by every valve produced.