Why Specify Insamcor?

Why Specify Insamcor Knife Gate Valves

  • Solid two piece body casting.
  • Full bore, unrestricted flow area - no valve seat pocket or cavity.
  • Internal resilient moulded seal, mechanically retained, ensures that the blade is guided throughout its travel and that bi-directional leak proof sealing is obtained.
  • Self-cleaning flush out corners prevent any build up of deposits in the sealing area.
  • Patented combination transverse seal / stuffing box seal arrangement ensures leak-proof sealing to atmosphere and allows maintenance under full line pressure, thus eliminating costly plant shut downs.
  • Increased clearance and built-in scrapers keep the blade clean over the whole width during operation.
  • Polished stainless steel blade with bevelled edge at the base to cut easily through solids.
  • Robust and compact fully lugged construction suitable for installation at the end of a line.
  • Rising stainless steel spindle (non-rising spindle on request)
  • Pin roller thrust bearings for the DN300 and larger
  • True Bi-directional flow capability
  • Low pressure loss
  • Slim and compact design, light weight, easy to install, low maintenance costs.
  • Suitable for mounting between flanges or as a terminal valve. Valve installation can be in any position with the exception of slurry applications. Installation must then be vertical i.e. in up-right position.
  • Operating mechanisms are fully interchangeable.
  • Proximity switches can be directly mounted.
  • Combination black etch primer / fusion bonded epoxy powder coated as standard paint system
  • Identification & traceability in compliance with Quality Management System standards