Pinch Valves

Are you challenged with any of these process conditions?

  • Abrasive slurries or powders
  • Scaling slurries
  • Corrosive slurries or powder

Plugging of pipelines due to less than 100% full flow

RF Valves manufactures two kinds of on-off valves, the mechanically operated RF Valve®, which utilizes the pinch bar mechanism to achieve the shut-off or the air actuated aiRFlex® valve, which uses just compressed air to provide the pressure needed to shut-off flow through the valve.

The RF Valves® are used as isolation valves, process control valves for dewatering filter presses, dump valves, hopper valves, tank bottom valves, slurry valves or dry solids valves in the mining industry, power generation, water & wastewater, pulp & paper, Chemical, industrial minerals and food industries. See our application pages for more details in the many different industry applications.

All on-off valves are full port ID, meaning that the ID of the valve matches the ID of the pipeline for unobstructed, 100% full flow. Compared to many other, non-pinch valve suppliers, value is created in the form of either increased capacity or smaller pipelines, pumps, and support infrastructure, plus lower energy and maintenance cost over the lifetime of the facility.

RF Valves® are engineered to meet specific application requirements across a wide range of process conditions and actuation modes. The specification process begins with the submitting of valve data and process conditions and includes a review of available elastomer qualities — especially important when users have specific material preferences.

On-off valves are available as manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or air actuated valves.

Valves are available with in all types of configurations and with a full assortment of accessories, including solenoid and air valves, filter/regulators, Limit/Proximity Switches, air operated hydraulic pumps, SmartValveTM Wear Indicator wire and MONSYS Alarm Box, Fail Close actuators, Manual handwheel override and lockouts.

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