Overview of Aveng Manufacturing Infraset

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset manufactures a diverse range of precast concrete products to world-class quality standards in compliance with the requirements of SANS using the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Aveng Manufacturing Infraset is a business unit of the Aveng Group which actively pursues extensive global interests encompassing the building, construction, engineering, mining, manufacturing and steel processing industries.

Aveng has played a major role in Africa’s infrastructure development, including many landmark roads, bridges, dams, buildings and power stations in several developing economies. The group’s footprint extends into Australia and the Middle-East and its global revenue as at June 2009 grew by 14% to R33.8 billion.

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset sustains a long heritage of technical excellence – its roots can be traced as far back as 1928 - and the business unit is often nominated as a preferred supplier. Its four divisions, Infrastructure Products; Railway Products, Poles and Masts; Landscape Products; and Building Products, are currently engaged with some of South Africa’s iconic projects. These include the Soccer City and Moses Mabhida stadiums, Gautrain, the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) and the beautification of Johannesburg and Durban.

The business unit operates throughout the southern African region through strategically located factories in South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe, placing it in close proximity to its markets. Aveng Manufacturing Infraset also has a successful track record of work executed in other countries on a project by project basis.

Building Products

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset Building Products entered the concrete roof tile market when it built a state-of-the-art multi-million rand fully-automated concrete roof tile plant at its Rossway factory in Midrand in 2007. The plant supplies two popular profiles which are in great demand, Sunset, a bold roll tile, and Horizon, a flat shingle tile, in a range of six through-colours, including a multi-colour ‘vintage’ finish.

It also offers a full range of complementary fittings and roofing accessories including a thermally efficient roofing underlay, Ecoshield, which offers substantial savings on heating and air conditioning costs.

The division has developed a special range of Sunset tiles for the affordable housing market and these have been deployed on several housing projects in areas such as Springs, Krugersdorp, Mafikeng and Rustenburg. Although competitively priced, these tiles retain the inherent aesthetic and durability properties which make concrete roof tiles such an attractive roofing solution for the affordable housing market.

Infrastructure Products

Product innovation is key to Aveng Manufacturing Infraset's approach in developing products for the infrastructural market. It manufactures a comprehensive range of reinforced concrete pipes, culverts, manholes, toilet shells and other custom-built precast products through South African-based factories as well as through regional operations in the countries mentioned above.

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset's extensive experience and modern technology has resulted in the development of products such as CAC and HDPE-lined pipes and specialised pipes and culverts for jacking.

The division is currently supplying substantial quantities of pipes and culverts for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP). It is also supplying the project with traffic control barriers and façade panels, the latter being used for the protection and aesthetic enhancement of several embankments and cuttings.

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset's Infrastructure Products are committed to maintaining the highest standards in innovation, quality and service, fulfilling the most demanding of requirements and meeting the needs of a range of infrastructural products for Africa.

Landscape Products

Landscape Products is the market leader in concrete paving blocks, embankment seating, erosion control retaining wall systems, and has recently introduced an internationally-proven permeable paving system. The division focuses on supplying products which are innovative and which make a substantial contribution to a sustainable environment.

A striking example of this occurred in 2007 whenInfraset's coastal-dune retaining wall system, Waterloffel, protected the beaches of KwaZulu-Natal from the extraordinarily heavy seas which wreaked havoc on unprotected beaches. Waterloffel has subsequently been used to repair many of the damaged beaches and is also being used to protect other eco-sensitive areas such as estuaries, river banks and stormwater outlets.

Aveng Manufacturing Infraset manufactures concrete paving blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes and produces one of the world’s leading permeable paving block systems, Uni-Ecolok. The system relieves the burden on stormwater drainage systems by attenuating water run-off and protecting rivers, wetlands and the ecology against erosion and pollution.

More recently the company introduced RidgeBlok, a retaining wall block system which achieved immediate success by being used extensively on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP).

Railway Products, Poles and Masts

Railway Products produces various types of prestressed concrete sleepers for main-lines and sidings, ranging from 18.5 ton to 30 ton axle loads. The division has introduced several new and innovative precast concrete products for South Africa’s rail network and these include: sleepers for turnouts, tunnels and stacker reclaimers, and for the high-speed rail network between Johannesburg and Pretoria; the Universal/Infrabolt concrete sleeper system; a transition beam sleeper system for tunnels; and a new concrete mast and foundation system for power distribution, communication systems and electrical overhead contact distribution (OCD) systems for railways.

The division has license agreements with Abetong Teknik (Sweden), Walter Bau (Germany) and Sonneville International Corporation (USA), and has the technical capacity to design and establish sleeper factories internationally.

Electrification poles are based on a unique design first pioneered by Firth Stresscrete in new Zealand, a recongnised authority on electricity reticulation poles. The poles are prestressed and are ideally suited for applications such as power transmission, distribution, telecommunications and overhead electrical equipment (OHTE) for railways. Infraset's pole and mast designs are based on the optimal reinforcement of concrete, resulting in lightweight units with considerable transport and handling advantages. They are manufactured at factories countrywide in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 and various SANS requirements.