Products of Aveng Manufacturing Rail Services

Rail flaw detection 

Aveng Manufacturing Rail Services is the licensed operator of two road-rail compact Ultrasonic Rail Flow Detection Systems on the Transnet rail network. These systems are the latest development by Speno Rail Maintenance Australia (Pty) Ltd of digitalised rail flow detection equipment.

Advantages of the Speno systems:

* Real time defect analysis and presentation, along with saving of all raw data for post reporting purposes
* Probe configurations easily reconfigured to suit the client's needs
* Remote probe positioning
* High speed testing
* Very user friendly screen presentation of rail defects
* User friendly system configuration
* Able to replay any previous test run
* Communication via modem with a "Satellite" vehicle whilst in a 'non-test' testing mode
* Probe wheels developed over many years
* Industrial & High Quality equipment used
* Testing speed (maximum) - 38 kph (rail and track condition dependent)
* Testing resolution (pulse repetition rate) 4mm - driven by a 1mm 'shaft encoder' resolution
* Test Direction - Forward & Reverse.

Track construction and upgrading

The company's core strength is its ability to combine all it's resources - labour, a comprehensive range of rail track machines and vast experience to suit the client's requirements

On the construction and upgrading front, most recent major projects Aveng Manufacturing Lenning Rail Services completed successfully include the new Durban Railway Station yard, the Majuba rail link and 300km Beit-Bridge to Bulowayo rail line. Track maintenance and track upgrading clients include Spoornet, BBR in Zimbabwe, Swaziland Railways, various mining houses in South Africa and as far afield as the Copperbelt in Zambia, plus various other private siding owners. Aveng Manufacturing Rail Services extensive infrastructure ensure a complete track service from one company, resulting in financial and operational benefits to the customer

Aveng Manufacturing Rail Services is the infrastructure maintenance contractor for Spoornet and the BBR Beit-Bridge to Bulawayo - 300km rail network. All maintenance - fence to fence - is done by a well structured maintenance structure managed from our offices in West-Nicholson, Zimbabwe

The most recent major upgrading project that LRS is involved with, is the rehabilitation of the 225km Maputo - Limpopo rail line in Mozambique. This multi million US$ project involves all aspects of track rehabilitation, earthworks and trackworks.

Ballast tamping machines

Aveng Manufacturing Rail Services own, operate and maintain a fleet of MK3, MK2 and Series 200 heavy-duty on-track tamping machines throughout the southern African rail market. These machines are locally built under licence from the Harsco Group of the USA and are adapted to suit local conditions and requirements. 

The MK3 Tamper is a high production, 16-tool combination turnout and open line tamper. Automated operation and electronic controls provide for accurate and reliable performance. The machine is computer controlled and comes equipped with a laser alignment system. Production rates in excess of 18 sleepers/min. can be achieved with a high resultant track geometry.

A "Split-Head" 16 tool turnout MK3 tamper is also available - eliminating the time consuming tool change-out requirement of the MK3 "combination" machine.

The robust MK2 and series 200 Tampers are ideally suited for construction type tamping requirements due to its long relative base for lifting and alignment. Reasonable production can be achieved under these conditions - 12 to 15 sleepers/min. In addition to the long relative base, the machines can be fitted with a laser alignment system. Off-tracking equipment is standard on all machines.