Ballast screening, tamping and regulating

Ballast Screening Machines and Gophers

Aveng Manufacturing Lennings Rail Services operate a fleet of Ballast Screening Machines to suit all
track screening operations: 

  • Open Track screening
  • Restricted Track Screening
  • Tunnel Screening
  • Platform Screening
  • Lowering of the track
  • Total Rejection 








 Spoil can be distributed in spoil wagons or next to the track.

To compliment track screening ability Lennings Rail Services also operate two track Gophers for screening of turn outs and “spot screening” of trouble areas. The track Gopher can also be used for shoulder cleaning of ballast.










Balast Tamping Machines

AMLRS own operate and maintain a fleet of heavy on-track tamping machines throughout the Southern African Market .
The machines offered includes a high production continuous tamer stabilizer machine, MKIII high production 16 tool combination machines for open track and turnouts fitted with automatic operation and electronic controls for accurate and reliable performance and a range of tampers ideally suitable for construction work .
Most machines can be equipped with laser controlled alignment systems and off-tracking equipment.










Ballast Regulating Machines

AMLRS operates a fleet of Ballast Regulating machines suitable for any operation including:
Normal Maintenance work, Pre-Tamping work, Construction work, working with a screening operation, working with a Track Renewal operation or shoulder maintenance.
The fleet of machines includes a high production machine for continuous maintenance work, a single man operation for spot regulating work and a machine designed for local conditions.