Overhead Maintenance, Utility Vehicles

Overhead Maintenance Machines

These machines are ideal for adjusting and maintenance of the catenary, contract wire and associated equipment on electrified track sections during short track occupation slots.

The machines can be off tracked on standard off-tracking platforms and are equipped with the following:

• An elevating platform designed to enable OHTE staff to reach most places in comfort.
• For difficult to reach OHTE equipment a cherry picker can be provided.
• A hydraulic crane of sufficient capacity to pick up masts, booms and other items
• A hydraulic catenary support mast to suspend the catenary for the replacement of suspension equipment, insulators and steady arms.
• An electronic measuring system for contact wire height on 3Kv DC and 25 kV AC lines









 Utility vehicles

The Utility Vehicle is an on-track general purpose maintenance machine to perform day to day tack maintenance work in a cost effective manner.The machine can transport 16 labourers to site and has a loading capacity of 5 tons for material.

A separate trailer for additional capacity can be provided or for fitting a drain cleaner unit for the cleaning of concrete or earth drains up to 3m from the centre line of the track.

The following optional equipment can be provided:

• Tamping head
• Hi Up Crane
• Power Tools
• Sleeper replacing head
• Brush cutter
• Spot weed spraying
• Ballast regulating blade