Track Renewal Trains, Flashbutt welding

Track Renewal Trains

P811-S Track Renewal Train
Lennings Rail Services has been involved in the various phases of mechanised track renewal since 1982. Part of the Richards Bay Coal line relaying was done with the Matisa supplied P811-S Track Renewal Train. Many thousands of sleepers replacing have been done since, on various regions of the Spoornet network. The high production capacity of the machine, fast set-up time, reliability and fast re-establishment of running track, enables track that was relayed at a rate of up to 600m/hr to be opened to traffic for speeds of up to 40kph directly behind the machine.

Further benefits of the P811-S are the removal from site the released sleepers and the uniform ballast formation bed made by the ballast regulating plough. This fully mechanised machine can be used for:

  • Total Track Renewal
  • Partial Track Renewal - sleepers or rails only
  • Re-spacing of sleepers.

Donelli Gantries

Lennings Rail Services has a set of Donelli Gantries in their fleet of track machines complimenting their track renewal capabilities. Ideally suited for track construction and track renewal where high production is not the deciding criteria. The equipment can be used for loading and unloading of wood, concrete or steel sleepers as well as track panels. The equipment can be easily transported from site to site and can travel on its own in the working mode at speeds up to 12kph. With two cranes, a production of up to 350nm/hr of track laying can be achieved - site conditions depending.

Loading capacity of two cranes is 18000kg.


Flashbutt Welder

Aveng Manufacturing Lennings Rail Services (AVMLRS) recently commissioned their new flash butt welder machine FBW02. The state of the art welding plant is mounted on a customised Mercedes Benz truck, fitted with special equipment like outriggers that support the welding operations.

The FBW machine has the advantage of being roadworthy and can thus be moved easily to work- sites without the requirement of a low bed. In the future the FBW02 machine will also be fitted with customised rail bogies which will then also accommodate on-track movement. The FBW02 is already working on the Khumani project, and in future will be part of the fleet of strategic equipment that AMLRS will utilize to service the growing railway construction and maintenance market.